Talking Posts Brighton


Two bespoke storytelling lampposts installed on the street outside The Old Market theatre in Hove, Brighton for 6 nights as part of the 2015 Brighton Digital festival.

14 documented paranormal tales of Brighton, gathered from over 400 years of history were adapted by scriptwriter Sara Clifford to bring the eerie stories to life. Each story was performed by a different person from the Old Market's network of performers and actors. 

By adapting an old optical trick for projection we created the startling illusion of the talking heads tracking the movement of the audience as they walked around the freestanding, self-contained lampposts. Wherever they moved to, the storyteller was always looking directly at them!

The installation is a 50 minute continuous loop, allowing the audience to come and go as they please.

Commissioned by The Old Market, Hove and supported by Arts Council England