Scale Model Video Mapping


Bring the story of your building to life

Alongside our large scale one off events we have developed an innovative small scale version of our video mapping storytelling techniques; we project onto a highly detailed 3D printed model of your specific building, created via a digital architectural scan of the property itself. We then use this as a spectacular 3D canvas upon which the distinct narrative and hidden history of your property are revealed, using state of the art 3D video mapping projection techniques.

Designed to be installed as the centrepiece of either a museum or heritage property display, this approach enables the same high quality content to be projected over a period of years but at a fraction of the cost.


We are storytellers at heart and use a combination of motion graphics, filmed content, researched archive, bespoke soundtrack and sophisticated 3D techniques to engage with your audience.

The Process


Our award winning creatives, working collaboratively with your in-house professional staff, can bring the story of your building to life and create a spectacular and unforgettable visitor experience. Through a series of meetings and site visits we work with you to identify the key moments in the history of your building and/or focus on key collections contained within whilst gathering relevant archive.


From these initial meetings an overall script is developed in consultation with you that becomes the structure for the final projected content. Our extensive experience of video mapping allows us to utilise the specific architecture of your building, on a miniature scale, to reveal and interpret your story in unexpected and innovative ways. We can create the impression of the building itself magically transforming to help dramatically tell its story, both delighting and educating your visitors.


Scale Model Video Mapping can be commissioned in a range of sizes and materials depending on your particular requirements and budget. Once completed, your unique Scale Model Video Mapping can be installed either mounted on a wall or freestanding in a darkened space with the projected content and accompanying soundtrack left on a continuous loop.